Offer for the provision of information and consulting services using the software.

1. General Provisions

1.1 This public offer (the Offer) is an official offer of Infinity Trade Systems (the Contractor), and contains all essential terms and conditions of providing information and consulting services using the software, the list of which is published on the Internet at

1.2. In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code (the Civil Code) this document is a public offer and, if the conditions set out below are accepted and the Contractor's services are paid, the person who has accepted this Offer becomes the Customer in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the acceptance of the Offer is tantamount to concluding an agreement on the conditions set forth in the Offer.

1.3. By paying for the services, the Customer guarantees that he/she has read and accepted all the terms and conditions of the Offer as they are stated in the text of this Offer, as well as familiarized with the cost of services indicated on the Contractor's website.

2. Terms and Definitions

2.1. Acceptance of the offer: Full and unconditional acceptance of the offer, expressed in the implementation by the Customer of actions to make an advance payment for the provision of information and consulting services. Acceptance of the offer creates the Offer Agreement.

2.2. The Offer Agreement: An agreement between the Contractor and the Customer for the provision of information and consulting services, which is concluded by accepting the Offer.

2.3. The Customer: A person who accepted the Offer and thus being the Customer.

2.4. The Offer: This document, the Offer Agreement for the provision of information and consulting services by the Contractor, published on the Internet at

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1. The subject of this Offer is fee-based information and consulting services by the Contractor, as well as the provision of software (the Services) in accordance with the procedure and within the time limit stipulated by this Offer.

3.2. The Customer confirms that before conclusion of the Agreement (acceptance of this Offer) he/she has received from the Contractor full information about the terms and order of the services.

3.3. The Customer confirms that the result of the services under this Offer will be the actions of the Contractor to transfer the software with the provision of information and consulting services using the Internet.

3.4. The list of software and other services is located in the Internet at

3.5. The Contractor has the right at any time to change the terms of this public offer unilaterally without prior agreement with the Customer, while ensuring the publication of amended terms and conditions on the Internet at at least one day before their entry into force.

4. Procedure and Terms of Services

4.1 In accordance with the terms of the Offer, the Contractor undertakes to provide services and the Customer undertakes to pay for the services.

4.2 The types and names, term of rendering, cost and other characteristics of the services are published on the Contractor's web-site in the relevant sections.

4.3. After the conclusion of the Agreement and making 100% advance payment for the Services, the Contractor shall provide the Customer with the Services through the Internet resource. In this case, the Customer receives links and access to the ordered material after payment for the Services.

4.4. The services shall be rendered by the Contractor only on the conditions of advance payment made by the Customer in accordance with the terms of this Offer.

4.5. In case of impossibility to provide Services in time up to five calendar days, the Contractor is required to notify the Customer one business day before the specified date and to postpone provision of Services for another time. Notification is made by publishing appropriate information on the Website.

4.6. If the Customer is unable to download and use the received product, the Service is still considered rendered.

5. Settlement Procedure

5.1. Payment for the services shall be made by making 100% advance payment.

5.2. The Customer shall pay for services by the transfer to the payment service according to the details specified on the site. The Contractor is not responsible for the transfer of funds for the services provided to third parties.

5.3. If the Customer has paid for the Services and cannot use them for his/her own reasons, the money will not be refunded and will not be carried forward to the payment for other Services.

6. Obligations of the Parties

6.1. The Customer shall:

6.1.1. Pay for the Services in the manner provided by the Offer.

6.1.2. Independently provide technical possibility to use Services of the Contractor on their part, namely:
- Reliable Internet connection
- Using VPS, dedicated server
- Performance of the service providing remote access.
- Verified account with a recommended broker
- Availability of software compatible with the transfer of information from the Contractor and other necessary means.

6.2. The Contractor shall:

6.2.1. Organize and ensure the proper provision of the Services specified on the Website.

6.2.2. Use all personal data and other confidential information about the Customer only for rendering the Services, not to transfer the documentation and information about the Customer and not to display it to the third parties.

7. Rights of the Parties:

7.1 The Customer has the right to:

7.1.1. Demand proper and timely provision of the Services by the Contractor.

7.1.2. Contact the Contractor on all issues related to provision of the Services and ask the questions related to provision of the Services.

7.2. The Contractor has the right to:

7.2.1 Engage joint contractors or third parties of its choice to provide the Services.

7.2.2. Independently determine the forms and methods of rendering the Services in due conformity with the legislation of the Russian Federation in force, as well as specific terms and conditions of the Offer.

7.2.3. Independently determine the specialists providing Services.

7.2.3. Determine and set the cost of the Services at its own discretion.

7.2.4. Provide Services only after the Customer makes 100% advance payment and accepts this Offer.

8. Liability of the Parties and Dispute Resolution

8.1. The Parties are liable for nonperformance or improper performance of their obligations under this Offer in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.2. The Contractor is not responsible for impossibility to provide Services by Contractor or to accept the Services by Customer if such impossibility arose as a result of disruption of the Internet, software or equipment of the Customer.

8.3. Any requests of the Customer, should the service are not rendered, are considered only on the basis of the grounded application sent to the Contractor through the feedback form on the site.

8.4. In the event of a dispute, the Parties shall make every effort to resolve it.

9. Duration of the Offer. Grounds and Procedure of termination of the Offer

9.1. The Offer comes into force from the moment of the Customer's payment for the services of the Contractor in the ways specified in this Offer and on the website of the Contractor, and is valid until the Parties fulfill their obligations.

9.2. The Offer does not need to be sealed and/or signed by the Customer and the Contractor, while having full legal force.

9.3. The Contractor reserves the right to amend the Offer terms and conditions and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at its sole discretion. In case the Offer is amended, such amendments shall enter into force from the moment of their publication on the Website if other effective period is not set or is not determined when publishing the amendments to the Offer.

9.4. The Customer has no right to terminate the Offer and demand refund of the Services cost after the start of their provision.

10. Force Majeure

10.1. The Parties shall be exempt from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill obligations under the Offer in the event that such failure was the result of force majeure actions, specifically: fire, flood, earthquake, strike, war, world crises, pandemic outbreaks, actions of state authorities or other circumstances beyond control of the Parties.

10.2. The Party that cannot fulfill the obligations under the Offer is required to timely, but not later than five calendar days after the force majeure circumstances, notify the other Party in writing, with the provision of supporting documents issued by the competent authorities.

10.3. The Contractor is not responsible for temporary failures and interruptions in operation of the Contractor's Internet resources and the loss of information caused by them.

11. Other terms

11.1. The Parties acknowledge that if any of the provisions of the Offer becomes invalid during its validity period due to changes in legislation, the remaining provisions of the Offer are binding on the Parties during the term of the Offer.

11.2. The Contractor is not responsible for the result of use or usefulness of the rendered Services. In case of inconsistency of the Services provided under the current Offer Agreement, with the needs of the Customer, the Contractor shall not be responsible.

11.3. The use of information and consulting services and software provided by the Contractor carries risks that can lead to financial losses in full.

11.4. Before starting to work in the foreign exchange markets, make sure that you are aware of the risks associated with trading with the use of leverage, and that you have sufficient knowledge and training.

11.5. By agreeing with this offer agreement, the Customer accepts that all responsibility for using the software or using other services provided by the Contractor is assumed by the Customer.

11.6. The information published in social networks, including video content is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered as encouragement.

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